Social Genocide

Fernando Solanas – Argentina

The dramatic circumstances which we are experiencing take me back to my earliest days in cinema 35 years ago, when my search for a political identity and my desire to fight dictatorship inspired me to make “The Hour of the Furnaces” (“La hora de los hornos”). Circumstances have changed quite a bit since then, but the consequences of the neo-liberal plan are proving to be so disastrous today that I once again feel the necessity of safeguarding remembrance and bearing witness. I have composed a living fresco depicting what we have lived with and endured these past 25 years, starting with the Videla dictatorship and continuing to the present. In this way, I hope to contribute to the urgent debate currently being held between Argentina, Latin America and the world, with the primary catalyst being the certitude that when faced with dehumanised globalisation, “another world is possible”. F. Solanas

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